Introducing Laplink Syspectr!

Manage and monitor your PCs and Servers. Regardless of where you are, you always know what is happening in your entire network of machines – in real-time.  You can intercept problems in advance and solve them over your Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop with just a few clicks. Anytime. Anywhere.

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The EASIEST way to set up a new PC!

PCmover: The easiest way to set up a new PC. The ONLY software that automatically transfers files, settings, profiles, and applications to a new PC or upgrades to a new OS, including Windows 10.

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The EASIEST way to set up a new PC

  • The ONLY software that automatically moves files, settings, and even programs from an old PC to a new PC - or, perform a complete upgrade on your Windows PC!

  • Now with Free Transfer Assistance!

Advanced Backup and Recovery
for Your PC

  • Create a complete and perfect copy (image) of your entire PC.

  • Quickly and easily restore in case of disaster, even to a PC with a different operating system using PCmover Image & Drive Assistant.

IT-managed Migrations even for Unmanaged PCs

  • The ONLY solution to manage all PC migrations. PCmover is the most cost-effective solution to manage refresh and deployment projects.

  • Quickly implement light-touch (or zero-touch) migrations with full corporate-level support. No custom XML required.

Easy PC Setup: 3 Steps

 1 Install - Simply install PCmover on both your old and new computers and go!

 2 Transfer - Click through the easy-to-use wizard to select which type of transfer you want to do.

 3 Done - Your new computer has the same personality and functionality as your old PC. No need to reinstall programs because PCmover did it for you.


Now offering Free Transfer Assistance, 24/7

Laplink now offers all PCmover customers Free Transfer Assistance, a service that provides free access to a professional technician who will remotely guide the new PC setup process.

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PCmover Enterprise Customers

Protect and Backup

Corporate Joomla Template

The only Imaging Solution capable
of OS Independent recovery of PC
backup images for workstations and

Transfer and Migrate

When a new PC or laptop arrives,
call on Laplink PCmover. Now
with Free Transfer Assistance,
available 24/7.

Safe Data Wipe

Before recycling your old
computer, wipe everything with
Laplink SafeErase. Deleting just
isn't enough!

Stay in Sync

Managing too many devices in your
home or office to keep track of
your most recent files and data?
Stay in sync with Laplink Sync.

Free Transfer Assistance

Need help setting up a new PC? Visit for more information about our Free Transfer Assistance, which includes a trained PC Transfer expert. Now available free, with any version of PCmover.