Legacy Products

The following items have been archived and are no longer supported by Laplink.

If you have questions about upgrade options, please Contact Us.

Appointment ManagerBattery Watch
FileMover 1.0FileSender
LapLink 1LapLink 2
LapLink 3LapLink Enterprise Network Accelerator
Laplink Everywhere DeluxeLapLink Exchange Accelerator
LapLink for Windows 3.xLapLink for Windows 95 Host
LapLink for Windows 95LapLink for Windows Host 3.x
LapLink for Windows NT HostLapLink for Windows NT
LapLink 2000LapLink FTP
LapLink Mac 3LapLink Plus
LapLink Pro for DOSLapLink Professional
LapLink Quick ConnectLapLink Remote Access
LapLink SELapLink Technical
LapLink WirelessOffice Star
PC Link for Casio BossPCsync 1.0
PCsync 1.5PCsync 2.0
PCsync 3.0PCsync 4.0
PDAsync (All versions)PointB
Remote DesklinkRemote Network Accelerator
Secure VNCShareDirect
TrueSyncTS Fax
TS OnlineUltimate ROM