Technical Support

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The ONLY software that moves programs, files, and settings!


Fast, Easy, and Secure File Transfer and Synchronization.

Switch & Sync

The Easiest Way to Switch from a PC to a Mac AND Sync between a PC and a Mac!

Laplink Sync

The EASIEST Way to Sync Important Files

Laplink Everywhere

One click remote access to your PC using any web enabled PC or mobile phone.

Laplink Gold

Connect, synchronize and control your remote PCs.


Create images and restore entire systems quickly and easily.


Complete protection against unauthorized access to any confidential data you delete!


Protection from strong fragmentation through background monitoring and defragmentation.

PC Lock

Protect your Privacy. Lock your Data. Keep your data and identity safe.

Other products

PC RelocatorPDAsyncFileMoverV for DOSUnsupported Products

Please note that for technical support and all other inquiries for third party applications, please refer to the original manufacturer instead of Laplink Software, Inc.

Laplink Piracy Notice:

Laplink Software has put a page together to share information on the issue of software piracy and the impact on both Laplink and our valued customers.